2% - 3% Less

Sales Commission

Let's Do Something Different...

We wondered... what would happen if we provided MORE Marketing Tools than the typical agent, and then charge much less than the common 6%. Wouldn't we get VERY busy, and have exceptionally satisfied clients? It's working, and here's how we're different than the rest:

Our cost-effective Commission Plan, leaving 2 - 3% more of the Home Value to the owner, instead of the Realtor's pocket.

Encourage Buyers to select your home with a sign offering to pay much of their closing costs out of our commission.

Cancel at Any Time we will earn your business every day.

More Tools Look at the homes for sale in your neighborhood. How many have...

Commission Plan

Very simple:  TOTAL commission of only 4% ~ significant savings over the common 6% listing

Better yet: TOTAL commission of only 3% if we work together on your purchase 

Yes, it's an exceptionally good deal!  For details, please contact us, or click the "Seller FAQ" button...