When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. So when we offer to work exceptionally hard, apply our extensive marketing plan to sell homes, and then charge less than 6% ~ people are skeptical.

Our way of doing business is a win-win deal.  The unique offering separates us from all the "6% agents" and results in more business, and our clients save large sums of money.

Anyway, here are some questions we often get asked, with answers that may assist you in choosing the right agent to sell your home... 

Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers

How is it possible for you to sell my home and get paid so little? Seriously, there has to be something wrong with you or your service.

So lower broker fees allow you to offer this great deal.  By going with your more affordable broker, what am I missing out on?

Your website keeps mentioning your Marketing Plan... how do you plan to sell my home? 

Will HomeSmart provide my home with the marketing exposure that other brokerages offer?

My home is in an upscale community. Do you and HomeSmart have the expertise to sell luxury homes?

What do you NOT do to sell my home? You can't possibly provide what others do at this rate.

There's an agent who lists most of the homes in my neighborhood. If I want to get my home sold, shouldn't I use her?

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